Goal Doumbia penalty brought CSKA win over Mordovia in the championship game of Russia

Goal Doumbia penalty brought CSKA win over Mordovia in the championship game of Russia
CSKA, beating away «Mordovia», won 2nd in season victory in a row and came in first place in the standings Czech football. Meeting in Saransk ended with the score 1: 0 in favor of CSKA.
the hot weather in Saransk was heated artificial turf stadium «Start», guaranteeing viewers low speed and plenty of pauses in the game. Opponents, However, moved quite well, however constructive actions performed by players of both teams were few. In the end, the fate of the tournament decided the individual skills of the Ivorian CSKA striker Seydou Doumbia and error rented «Mordovia» the same CSKA defender Viktor Vasin. Last hit the opponent in the penalty area, and Doumbia in the 2nd match in a row was able to score a free-kick. Failed to hit the gate «Mordovia» rookie CSKA Kirill Panchenko, who played for Saransk club from 2010 to 2013.
This victory was the sixth in the history of confrontation between the army and «Mordovia». CSKA defeated only one of the seven matches saranskim players — the second match in the draw 1/16 finals of the Cup of Russia-2006/07.
Head coach of «Mordovia» Yuri Semin for the first time defeated the CSKA coach Leonid Slutsky. Never in 4 previous matches, teams, led by these specialists, Slutsky could Not beat Semin, twice losing (with «Wings of the Soviets» and CSKA) and two draws (with CSKA and «Moscow» ). In addition, this defeat was the first for Semin from the army for more than eleven years. The Last time Yuri Semin was lost to CSKA fifteen July 2003, leading the «locomotive».
CSKA extended his winning streak in the championship of Russia up to 12 matches, equalling the record of the match set is also an army club at the finish of the championship of Russia-1998. CSKA can update the record, if you beat the house «Terek» in the 3rd round of the national championship

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