Giner: to file a complaint with the CAS on UEFA’s decision on the disqualification of the stadium CSKA pointless

Giner: to file a complaint with the CAS on UEFA's decision on the disqualification of the stadium CSKA pointless

CSKA was punished by conducting three home matches without spectators in European competition, closing guest sectors 2 away games command And fined ?200 thousand For the riots, organized by fans of the red and blue during the meeting of the Champions League with Roma, which took place on 17 September in Rome. The capital club has filed an appeal against this decision, which was not completely satisfied — disqualification home stadium CSKA was reduced from three to 2 matches, And the fine reduced to ?100 thousand.
«I think that complaining in CAS doesn’t make sense,» said Giner.- And not because in Lausanne will not make decisions in our favor, But because before the tournament against Roma(November 25), no decision will be in General. And if, say, in January, CAS something decides, then the situation will not change. To do something just for the sake of something to Do is not in our principles. Actions must be coordinated. When We filed a complaint to UEFA, it is understood that the appeal Committee will meet only after the home tournament with Manchester city(Manchester City), but was hoping Or Roma, Or in the upcoming year we will be able to have a Home European game with the audience».
«Well, We have raised this question (about the punishment of holding home matches without spectators). We talked with Karl-Heinz Rummenigge (Chairman of the German Bayern FC Bayern Munich) (.- Approx. TASS). It surprises a situation where due to some fans, something NOTARIUSY must suffer other, most if fans of other teams — they had nothing to do with, they are not guilty. Or why not put on the match of children, women? This has made the 1st step, now UEFA this question considers. It is a pity, that are taught in our example, but it’s Good that there is already such shifts,» said the head of the army club.
in accordance with the penalties CSKA already had one Home match without spectators — October 21, playing in Khimki draw with English Manchester city (2: 2). So, the army club left to play in front of empty stands another meeting of the UEFA Champions League with the Italian «Roma» (November 25). Visiting CSKA will play November 5, with Manchester city And 10 December — German Bayern. Home game against Bayern (0: 1), held on September 30, CSKA also held in front of empty stands in connection with the punishment imposed on military club for a demonstration by supporters of neo-Nazi symbols during a meeting of the Champions League season 2013/14 with the Czech «Victoria» (FC Viktoria Plze?).
CSKA due punishment UEFA will lose about $5-6 million is caused by the inability of the sale of tickets for home matches against Bayern, Manchester city And Roma

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