Giner: the budget for the football club CSKA $85-86 million

Giner: the budget for the football club CSKA $85-86 million

«No secrets We don’t have. If I’m not mistaken, our budget is 85 or 86 million dollars,» said Giner.
to the question, what kind of relationship the guide CSKA with the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation, the club’s chief Executive, said: «the Ministry of defence is one of the founders of the club. No matter, with interest or without. If it wants these interest We give. This is the umbilical cord that We will not cut ever. Minoborony — the organization that made CSKA. We believe And will consider themselves the club of the Ministry of defence».
first, the defense Ministry belonged 24, 94 percent of the shares of CSKA. However, in 2012 it sold them. According to Giner, currently the main owners of the club are he And the Firm Bluecastle Enterprises Limited

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