Giner: fans from the black list will not be admitted to the new stadium of FC CSKA

Giner: fans from the black list will not be admitted to the new stadium of FC CSKA

it is expected that the arena on a Sandy street will be built by the fall of 2015. The capacity of the stadium will be 33 thousand spectators.
«The fact that they do not get to the» Arena Khimki», I can not guarantee. That will not get to the stadium CSKA can,» said Giner.
After the riots, which the fans of CSKA made on September 17 at the Roman stadium, the Stadio Olimpico during the tournament group match of the Champions League against Roma, military Club has created a «black list» of fans who are forbidden to visit the team in the season 2014/15.
Perhaps the «black list» will then be expanded. Because of the riots in Rome CSKA was punished by conducting three home matches in European competition without spectators, closing guest sectors 2 away games in the Champions League, as well As a fine in the amount of 200 thousand euros. The club filed an appeal, which was ultimately the number of home matches without spectators was reduced to 2, And the fine reduced to ?100 thousand
«There is a violation, And There is meanness. What happened in Rome is a misdemeanor. But if this persists, it will be meanness,» said Giner.
head CSKA said he does not want to initiate a meeting with fans to discuss their behavior.» Let them understand themselves. CSKA is not my Club. What I own shares And run — it’s all nonsense. CSKA is a fan Club. For them it exists. And I’m sure true fans of our team are experiencing due to the fact that she is forced to play matches without spectators, much more than I,» said Giner.
CSKA on the road to hold the match in the group stage of the Champions League with Manchester city. The meeting will be held on 5 November, the beginning — 22: 45 GMT

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