Footballer Joao Carlos: bezvyigryshnaja series pressure on players of Spartak

Footballer Joao Carlos: bezvyigryshnaja series pressure on players of Spartak

on Sunday in game 12-th round of the championship of Russia «Kuban» and «Spartacus» played a draw with the score 3: 3. The last victory in the championship won in the 7th round on the «torpedo» (3: 1).
«Psychologically it becomes harder and harder. Before each match there are only declare how many games We won. We had some good matches during this period of time, But to win we couldn’t. As for the draw with Kuban, then this is a good result. Very important is that We showed That we have character and We can fight as a team. I hope That in 2 of the following home games We will take six points,» said Joao Carlos.
«of course, such games like everyone, not just the defenders. 3 conceded goals — this very much. Yes, the «Kuban «a good team with a very strong attacking line, they deserve these 3 goals. But again, this is very much For us. The game is generally ambiguous,» added the Brazilian.
Joao Carlos took a direct part in 2 balls of «Spartacus» — in the first goal after his shot in the bar on the rebound successfully played Serdar Tasks, and when Kim kГ¤llstrГ¶m second time brought the red-and-white forward, he closed the discount head it is from the Brazilian.» The success of the «standards» depends not only on performance But also on communication between players. We have shown That joint efforts in training have the ability to produce results,» said Joao Carlos.
According to the Brazilian, the presence of the head coach Murat akin had a positive impact on the team. Swiss because of illness missed the previous Cup match in which the red-and-white loose Rubin(0: 2).» We were all very happy to see Murata, » said Joao Carlos.- For each of us, his return was an additional motivation.»

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