Football Spartak Welliton has been the victim of robbers in Moscow

Football Spartak Welliton has been the victim of robbers in Moscow
In one of the capital’s hotels robbed the number of the player in football Spartak Moscow of the Brazilian second. About it, said a source in law enforcement bodies.
according to him, the Player has asked the police a statement about the fact that from his hotel room unknown stole personal items, computer and money.
the press service of the Moscow police these data confirmed.» 17 August at around 09: 00 in the law-enforcement authorities said the citizen, who said that in the period from 00: 00 on 16 August to 9 am on August 17, Unidentified by using the selection keys crept into his hotel room in the hotel, located at Dmitrovskoe shosse D. A, Bldg. 2, and stole his personal belongings,» said the Moscow police.
According to the Complainant, his numbers have gone suitcase with personal belongings, computer, and money in the amount of $5 thousand» Total harm he estimated 200 thousand Rubles.», — the Ministry said.
based on this fact prosecuted under the criminal code in accordance with paragraph «Theft «(Art. 158) of the criminal code.
Welliton is for Spartak since 2007. In the last two years were leased in Brazil’s Gremio, Sao Paulo and Spanish «Celta». Currently conducts dialogues about going with one of the Turkish clubs

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