Football Spartak Dzyuba: Such games as Dynamo, always go down in history

Football Spartak Dzyuba: Such games as Dynamo, always go down in history
Forward capital «Spartacus» Artem Dzyuba believes that the match of his team against Dynamo Moscow in the framework of the second round of the Russian football Premier League (RFPL) went down in history. About This is said in a conversation with media professionals.
«I was waiting for the tournament with a» Dynamo,» said Dzyuba.- These games go down in history, And I’m glad I took part in it. Happy that we won. On the field at any moment, all helped to roll over, but I’m happy for the guys that they were able to defend a positive result. I think that the game was equal, but a little luck was on our side. The second double in a row? It is a coincidence, but I hope it will continue. Any goal — the achievement of the whole team. Roman Berezovsky powerful goalkeeper, the player of national team of Armenia, And I am very Happy that I was able to score him And such a strong team like Dynamo.
Dzyuba also told about the injury, which he received in the first half after a collision with Dynamo defender Christopher Samba.» in the first half, I hit my back so that eyes have darkened. Don’t know what will happen now, tonight will be speaking doctors. During the break we had a conversation with the coach that I will make it, but If I feel bad, you will be asked replacement,» added Dzyuba.
on account striker Spartak four goals after 2 rounds in the championship of Russia.
«If we play, everything will be fine»

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