Football Spartak Artem Dzyuba: defenders of rivals became closer to patronize me

Football Spartak Artem Dzyuba: defenders of rivals became closer to patronize me
Forward of the Moscow «Spartak» Artem Dzyuba after the tournament the Czech Republic football Against «torpedo» (3: 1) stressed That rivals began to play with it much thicker.
Dzyuba was Not able to differ from «Spartacus» in the 2nd match in a row. On account striker six goals.
«there are certain reasons. Needless to say, I myself have to play better. In addition, opponents began to play with me personally. In Perm I played with the temperature, for this reason, in General, was happy to come to a end. Glad to have taken part in such a historic victory, and was Also involved in two scoring attacks. If you fail to score, then somehow we have to help the team,» drew the attention of the attacker.
According to Dziuba, goal team of Liechtenstein, which became the first forward of the national team, gave him confidence.» His lifelong dream was to score for the national team, these emotions are Not to give. Two days then I was in a pleasant emotional shock. I hope That Liechtenstein is Not the limit,» said Dzyuba.
Also in the box, he noticed That the players of «Spartak «until Not think About coming at the end of September visiting confrontation with Zenit St. Petersburg.
Before the game against Zenit in the 9th round of the Premier League Spartak another home match of the national championship with» Terek «and Play the 1/16 finals of the Cup with the» Change «from Komsomolsk-on-Amur.» I hope That in Komsomolsk will fly Not all, » said Dzyuba.- About the» Zenith «as long as We especially do Not think, because we still have two games in Front of them. By the way, I watched the match» Zenit «-» Dynamo «and was rooting for the Muscovites. The game was very good».
Also Dzyuba said That he was aware of the fact That the Swedish PSG striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic has made a promise to share with him the t-shirts after the qualifiers for UEFA Euro 2016 qualifier between Sweden and Russia, which will be held in Stockholm on 9 October.
Justified expectation and trust of the fans
goalkeeper and captain of Spartak Artem Rebrov told reporters That as long as only acquainted with barbells on «Open Arena» (Goalkeeper red-white is known for its ritual Before every time he kisses the goalpost, which he is supposed to protect.- Approx.).
«Get acquainted, familiar, communicate» — with a smile said Rebrov.
«Today was Spartak weather — rain. Probably all luck. We were Not surprised That Today almost full stadium. When We play on the road, comes to a few thousand fans. What does that say About the match at the new stadium. It was necessary to clear the expectations of fans and their trust. I think we did,» added Rebrov.
Rebrov said That «torpedo» had made him a good impression in this match.» today’s game «torpedo» can be noted. Not to say That They «drove», but the moments were created. On the counterattack, this team is very dangerous. They justify the name «torpedo», which has always been working team,» said the goalkeeper.
Also Rebrov assured That it is Not greatly upset the ball, missed right at the end of the tournament.» Victory is more important than personal statistics», — he said.
Cyril Kombarov was accustomed to play Against his brother
Midfielder of «torpedo «Kirill Kombarov after losing said That he was accustomed to play Against your brother Dmitri.
«We often worked Against each loved one in training,» explained Kirill Kombarov.
The footballer was sent Spartak this summer hiring in «torpedo» to the end of the season.» Football is such a thing — you are in one team, and tomorrow another,» said Kombarov.
The player called the stadium «Open arena «stunning.» I think That the» torpedo «was obliged to score more, but let us down,» he said.
The defending player Spartak Parshivlyuk said That his team could have scored more.» A good match. At 3-0 the Game was already done, and maybe wanted to play somewhere more beautifully. Against Cyril Kombarov play was familiar, all operate Against each loved one in training. It’s nice That has come to the stadium a lot of people and fans drove the team forward «»

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