Football real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo spent each year ?100 thousand on car insurance

Football real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo spent each year ?100 thousand on car insurance
Football player of real Madrid and Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo is spent each year ?100 thousand of insurance for their cars, and the total cost of his car determined ?3 million to About it say the Spanish media.
the most expensive car in the collection Ronaldo — Bugatti Veyron cost ?1, 2 million Total, the fleet of the outstanding Portuguese player in football has 16 machines.
Spanish edition say that the Treaty Ronaldo with real Madrid, valid until 2018, is obliged to bring him ?125 million of income in the total difficulties.
according to estimates by Forbes magazine in 2013, Ronaldo has been enriched by $73 million From $49 million had his wages and bonuses in the club, the remaining $24 million, which brought him commercial interaction with companies such As Nike, Samsung, Tag Heuer, Fly Emitates and Herbalife. As underlined by the magazine, the Portuguese winger, slaughter according to more than one goal per match (251 goals in 244 games), earns more than the other players on the field, and beyond.
in January this year he won the «Golden ball» — an annual award presented to the best player in the world. In the Champions League-2013/14 Ronaldo scored 16 times, shattering the record for number of goals scored in one season’s competition, which lasted almost 60 years. The previous record belonged to Brazilian josГ© Altafini who competed in the 60-ies of the last century in the Italian «Milan» (14 goals)

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