Football Lokomotiv Pavlyuchenko: My task is to score, so I have not done

Football Lokomotiv Pavlyuchenko: My task is to score, so I have not done
Forward of the Moscow football club «Lokomotiv» Roman Pavlyuchenko not annoyed by the fact That he could not hit the gate of the Tula Arsenal in the championship game of Russia. About it After the game Pavlyuchenko told reporters.
«reserves» were defeated Lokomotiv in the home match of the second round of the championship of Russia. The meeting ended with the score 0: 2.
Goals were scored by the Portuguese Manuel Fernandes (53rd minute), which conducted its own 1st ball of the railroad, and the Senegalese striker Dame N «‘doye (83).
Lokomotiv deservedly defeated, played well Today, » began Pavlyuchenko.- has the ability to be, in the first half, looked worse, But the Result on the scoreboard. Completed installation of the coach. Confused whether That gate Arsenal plays Alexander Filimonov? He, of course, a great goalkeeper, But I didn’t pay attention to it on the field. My job is to score goals any goalkeepers. Today I’m with the task failed, But will work».
Also Pavlyuchenko said That At this point in time «locomotive» is far from his best form.» If we take as the standard of our game last season, until not fall short. Came fresh players, they Need to adapt. They are good players, But must pass the time, so the team played. When you Wake up the «sleeping giant «? Soon wakes up, not going anywhere. The main thing is that the team won, and personal ambitions Have to hide as long as deep,» he said at the end of Pavlyuchenko.
Midfielder red-green Dmitry Tarasov said That «locomotive» In the 2nd half was played on the class and dogal «reserves».
«Today was a difficult game for the» Locomotive,» said Tarasov.- We came for three points and has reached the goal, But the match has been difficult. In the 2nd half We played on the class created and implemented moments».
Also Tarasov said That failure to enforce dangerous moments are part and parcel of football.» in each match command creates a 3 — five chances, But it is impossible to implement all That we create, » said the player.- Today, scored twice, that was enough. That lip? Nothing terrible. Put two seams — it’s football, it happens».
The defending player «Locomotive «Jan Durica said That the red-green looked better Arsenal and won deservedly.
«It is very important That we won,» said Durica.- I think We looked better. Opponent was playing on the counterattack, But we had enough chances in the first, and In the 2nd half. After the break managed to score twice. Why such low chances? You should ask those guys who have had these moments, why They failed to score. I think they just got unlucky, But we need to move on. In the next game We will hopefully be able to implement more chances».
Also Durica said That «reserves «as long as it looks wet for the Premier League.» They lost the first two games, so, in my opinion, as long as too early to talk about it, » said the defending Player.- Will see What happens next. They played on the emotions, We suffered and were waiting for their own chance. In the end, our tactics were justified».
The result is negative, But played much better than in the first round
Midfielder Arsenal Vladislav Ryzhkov told their thoughts regarding the upcoming tournament his team.» Ruby is not the same team That was 5 years ago, for this reason, in the environment We have to fight and take their first points,» said He.
Player Tula club Dmitry Smirnov said That «reserves» made in the game with Lokomotiv big step forward in comparison with the game against Zenit
«The result is negative, But played much better than in the first round,» said Smirnov.- We made a big step forward. Was more or less equal game. In practice, we are in no way inferior to the» locomotive», and for us it is a qualitative shift. Individually Opponent has the opportunity to be looked better. We are more modest, But We take other cards. The score could be bigger, Unless Filimonov? But the Score could be literally different If We scored our chances. We could have conceded more, But had to score.»

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