Football CSKA Dzagoev: power Zenith contrasts command actions

Football CSKA Dzagoev: power Zenith contrasts command actions

CSKA And Zenit will play in the Central match of the 12th round of the championship of Russia on the first day of the weekend of November 1. The meeting will be held at the Arena Khimki». Beginning at 16: 00 GMT.
«Hulk, Danny, RondГіn ? Zenit has a strong attack, said Dzagoev.- Even Kerzhakov Not Always in the starting lineup goes. That lineup That backup Zenit is very powerful. We will not be easy. But Zenit have a Hulk, And we ? Team. This CSKA has Always been strong. Can’t lose in any case ? then I will need to catch up. Will win ? And to at least reduce the backlog».
on Wednesday CSKA And Zenit spent the 1/8 finals of the Russian Cup. And If CSKA easy beat «torpedo» (2: 0) semi-reserve squad, the «Zenith» in extra time was defeated Tula Arsenal (2: 3), Speaking on a practice basis. However, reviews Dzagoev’s strikes, freshness is the key factor of the game teams in face-to-face meeting: «it’s Always all about this claim, But, in my opinion, freshness nothing at all it means. The main thing ? mood And psychological preparedness».
CSKA is the leader of the championship of Russia-2014/15 number punched penalty (7). Reviews Dzagoev’s strikes, all appointed in favor of red-blue 11-meter were correct.» It seems to me that a single incorrect penalty Not given Us, » said Dzagoev.- The only point in the game With «Mordovia» (1: 0) was at the discretion of the judge? in 2009, our goal has struck ten shootout, And we are only One. Then all was silent. Currently, we are struck 7 ? everything about this claim. With the «Ufa» (3: 3) we struck two, And There is still a third with the score 2: 2 Not set».
A new contract With CSKA gives more chances to leave the European Union
Dzagoev said That he was ready to cut the wages for the transition to European club.» I have long stated That he is ready to go for lower wages, moreover, essential to go abroad, » said Dzagoev.- The name of the club for me is Not important. I would like to try your hand at team, which placed it among the leaders of the championship of the Big Five (Spain, Germany, England, Italy, France.- Approx. TASS) or in the club With a rich tradition».
in the last month of summer Dzagoev extended his contract With CSKA until 2019, But the long-term contract With the Moscow club, According to the player in football will Not be an obstacle to departure abroad: «certain points of the new contract gives Me more chances to leave the European Union. But to voice them I can Not. Specific proposals have been made. As long as all That was ? the conversations that hung in the air.»

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