FIFA wants to settle the matter on the Crimean clubs between UFF and the RFU

FIFA wants to settle the matter on the Crimean clubs between UFF and the RFU
The international Federation of football associations (FIFA) wants to settle the issue between the football Federation of Ukraine (FFU) and the Russian football Union (RFU) on the Crimean clubs. About This journalist said in the press service of the organization.
Crimean team on Tuesday made his debut in the Cup of Russia — in 1/256 final Sevastopol SC BSF with the score 2: 0 beat Simferopol TJC, and Yalta «Pearl» with the score 0: 2 lost «Sochi», and then the head of the FFU Anatoly Konkov FIFA and the Union of European football associations (UEFA) to apply punishment to the RFU.
«FIFA is aware of the fact that the Crimean clubs on Tuesday, August 12 played matches of the Cup of Russia,» said FIFA.- in addition, we confirm receipt of the letter from the President of FFU for the same issue. FIFA wants to settle this situation, based on the relevant processes that must be in the 1st turn, under the control of UEFA. That’s all we can tell At this point in time».
the head of the RFU Nikolai Tolstykh said that the treatment Konkova in FIFA and UEFA «expected event, and the honorary head of the RFU Vyacheslav Koloskov in conversation with journalist Agency that «the objective prerequisites for the use of punishment to the RFU no «»

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