FC Sochi finished the contract with the coach Sergei Gurlukovich before the end of the year

FC Sochi finished the contract with the coach Sergei Gurlukovich before the end of the year

«as long as We signed a contract with the specialist until the end of the year,» said Carlo.- There are only four games where» Sochi «is required to achieve maximum results. We took a joint decision to enter into such employment contract, and by the end of the year we will return to this issue. Gurlukovich sees the team perspective. Literally soon he is expected to meet with the mayor of Sochi, Anatoly Pakhomov. Sergey Vadimovich in the course of those long-term challenges facing FC Sochi «to 2018 to reach the Premier League».
November 2 gurlukovich was shown to the team.» Yesterday he spent the 1st workout, and before it told the players what tasks expected them to solve in the coming matches, » continued the interlocutor TASS.- The team enthusiastically greeted the arrival of Gurlukovich to the position of head coach. To assist him will be Dmitry Panibratov, long active in the club.
Olympic champion in 1988 from the national team of the USSR, three-time champion of Russia from Moscow «Spartak «Sergey gurlukovich in different years coached Khabarovsk» SKA — Energiya», «Podolsk «and Kursk» avant-garde». The last place of work specialist became Irkutsk-Baikal», which gurlukovich headed at the beginning of the previous season. The team in 16 matches scored 22 points and took 7th place before the winter break, when he was forced to part ways with head coach, said about the impossibility of continuing cooperation for reasons of a personal nature

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