FC Ludogoretz lost 2 out of goalkeepers before the start of the group stage of the Champions League

FC Ludogoretz lost 2 out of goalkeepers before the start of the group stage of the Champions League
Bulgarian football club «Ludogoretz» lost 2 out of goalkeepers at the beginning of the start of the tournament in the group stage of the Champions League with the English «Liverpool». As said head coach Georgi Dermendjiev, second goalkeeper Ivan Cvorovic was injured shoulder and will not have the opportunity to play against English teams.
«Cvorovic will not be able to get on the field, He was injured during yesterday’s training session,» said Dementiev.- The damage is serious, and Possibly on the first day of the week He will be operated on».
Main goalkeeper Vladislav Stoyanov, disqualified because of a deletion in the last match of the Champions League.
first coach defender Kosmina Mozi that in the second leg of the play-off round of the Champions League qualification with Romanian Steaua replaced the remote at the end of the second additional half Stoyanova, because at that time all the substitutions were carried out and brought to the Bulgarian club victory in a penalty shootout, reflecting two punch (6: 5).» Ludogoretz «for the first time in history reached the group stage of the Champions League.
Currently, however, Dermendjiev willing to trust in the gate to a third goalkeeper Georgi Argalasti that three times in a row in 2012, won the championship of the country from the» Ludovica», but on the field in the championship never come out.» Argalasti is a good goalkeeper, » said Dermendjiev.- He is in the team for 3 years, and we can rely on it».
in group B «Ludogoretz «will play well with the Spanish «real» and the Swiss Basel.
The Champions League match between Liverpool and Ludogorie» will be held on September 16 in England

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