Fan CSKA imprisoned in Rome for the attack on the steward during the tournament with Roma

Fan CSKA imprisoned in Rome for the attack on the steward during the tournament with Roma
Police in Italy have arrested one of the fan of Russian football club CSKA during the tournament with «Roma» (1: 5) in the first round of the group stage of the Champions League, which was held in Rome on Wednesday. About it speak the local media.
A fan was arrested for the attack on the steward.
in the 71st minute of the match the fans of CSKA started throwing local fans the fire and tried to break into a neighboring sector. The result began the fight with the stewards, but the police could restore order in the stands.
Two Russian citizens were damaged health
As informed by the local Agency ANSA, during clashes between fans of «Roma» and CSKA two Russian fan was damaged health. According to the source, the citizens of Russia were brought in the Roman hospital Gemelli», where they were provided with emergency medical assistance. According to doctors, one person got knife damage to the organism in the stomach and arm, the second injury of the head, according to one version, by a blow from a bottle. Injury hazard of life is not present. Both Russians are in consciousness.
As said Corr. Anton Balakirev from the scene, the fight between fans appeared even Before the start of the tournament, but the police managed to break up the fighting. About captured as long as nothing is said.
CSKA is already under penalties UEFA
The control and disciplinary body of UEFA in February punish CSKA home tournament without spectators for the fact that during the meeting the group stage of the Champions League season 2013/14 with the Czech «Victoria» (1: 2), which took place in the early winter of 2013, fans of the army team demonstrated flags with ultra-right symbolism.
Before and after negotiations with «Victoria» there were clashes CSKA fans with local law enforcement agencies, in the end, were caught about 2 fans red-blue.
Attacks on Russian fans in the Polish capital
in 2012, a similar case occurred in Poland.
June 12, 2012, when the capital of Poland took place match of the group stage of Euro 2012 qualifier between Russia and Poland, were committed numerous Attacks of the Polish bandits on Russian citizens. They were small groups, trying not to fall into the hands of ensuring the safety of law enforcement officers. In the end, a series of incidents a few people received injuries. Law enforcement imprisoned 190 people — most of them poles, and several citizens of Russia, later appearing before the Polish court and imprisoned in conclusion, from a few days Up to three months.
in October 2013 in the capital of Poland began the trial of the organizers of the attacks on Russian football fans.
the case involves Two 50-year-old Polish driver Wojciech brown and employee trading Wojciech Wisniewski. The Prosecutor’s office accuses the organization of the arrival in Warsaw football bandits from across the country to beating attending the tournament of Russian citizens. It assumes a consequence, They were advised How to put up a fight, explained where the citizens of Russia, taught How to behave in the police in case of detention.
for reviews of the defendants ‘ lawyer Krzysztof vonsovskii, this process can last about a year.
According to Polish law, for inciting ethnic hatred and violence defendants could face from three months To five years of imprisonment

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