Fan club of FC Spartak : methods of inspection at the stadium in Kazan humiliating and unacceptable

Fan club of FC Spartak : methods of inspection at the stadium in Kazan humiliating and unacceptable
Methods of screening that were used By the cheerleaders of the Moscow football club» Spartak «in the passage at the Central stadium in Kazan, humiliating and unacceptable in modern society. About this journalist said the Director of the fan-club red-white Oleg Semenov.
The match of the 1st round of the Czech Republic football Rubin-Spartak took place in Kazan on August 1 and ended with the victory red-white with the score 4: 0.
reportedly fans of» Spartacus» who attended the Match, police undressing girls at the entrance to the guest podium For inspection. Those who refused to undergo the procedure, were not allowed into the stadium.
«and in truth, in the fan club continue to apply cheerleaders with complaints examination procedure of the girls at the entrance to the guest sector in Kazan,» said Semyonov.- Lawyer fan club helps all those who write complaints in accordance with the laws. Unfortunately, sometimes in the regions of the desire to provide security in the stands makes employees police organization to act too hard.
«For our club this issue is particularly acute, because the fans of «Spartacus» — the traveling League, said the head of Spartak fan club. in Kazan came to about five thousand red-and-white, this kind of sport tourism can benefit any region: citizens coming, keep the money in hotels and food outlets, tourist trips. But the methods of inspection, which was used To girls in Kazan, humiliating and simply unacceptable. To resolve the issue happened only after surgical Scrivania in the situation of the security Director of Premier Alexander Matina authorized security «Spartacus» and the official fan-club red-white».
first Executive Director of Premier Sergey Cheban said that one of the employees of the stadium «Central «»" went too far» during the search of girls, But then — after the intervention of authorized RFPL — «was replaced by «»

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