Fabio Capello: the Question of salary is least worried about

Fabio Capello: the Question of salary is least worried about
Team Lichtenstein football — the good, the labor Team that plays With shades of Swiss And German style. This opinion was expressed by the head coach of the Russian Federation Fabio Capello.
«The team has its own style shades Swiss And German style of football,» said Capello.- It is organized And workforce».
Also, the coach said that all the players invited to the national team of Russia on football, ready for the match against Liechtenstein,
The question of salary is least worried about
Capello told that he has no problem in the fact that he did not pay wages.
at the end of summer sports Minister Vitaly Mutko told that members of the national team coaches of the Russian Federation, for example, Capello, Within three months is not paid a salary. In the early autumn of debt to all the coaches of the Russian national team, in addition to Fabio Capello, was repaid.
«For me this is no problem, when you pay the debt. It is least worried about. I concentrated on the work And the result,» said Capello.
at Dziuba no issues with health
Also Capello told that the players of «Spartak» And the national team of Russia Artem Dzuba no issues with health, And he will have the opportunity to play With a team of Liechtenstein.
«With Artem no questions, no,» said Capello.- What are his chances to play? Always said that the first part of getting to know the players, not the contributors.
Forward of «Spartacus» And the national team of Russia Artem Dzyuba missed part of training camp team And a friendly Match With the team of Azerbaijan on 3 September (4: 0) because of the illness. In this season of the championship of Russia Dzyuba scored 6 goals And currently tops the list of the best scorers in the championship after 6 rounds.
Match of the national team of the Russian Federation With a team of Liechtenstein in the qualifying tournament of European championship 2016 will be held at the Arena Khimki» 8 September And will start at 20: 00. This will be the 1st Match For the Russian team in the group G, which Also except Liechtenstein, the team played in Sweden, Austria, Montenegro And Moldova.
Team Russia can play games selection Euro 2016 on «Open Arena»

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