Egor Titov: the lack of Spartacus injured Dziuba in Derby favorite is CSKA

Egor Titov: the lack of Spartacus injured Dziuba in Derby favorite is CSKA
In football Derby Moscow clubs CSKA and Spartak, which will be held on Sunday, will be favourites CSKA, because their opponent is left without leading striker Artem Dzuba. This opinion in the talk with the journalist expressed his famous last midfielder red-white Yegor Titov.
The Central match of the 4th round of the championship of Russia will meet from 2 Moscow CSKA and Spartak. The game will take place on Sunday in Khimki near Moscow, the beginning — 13: 30 GMT.» The army suffered the first loss in the last game with Grozny «Terek» (1: 0), having lost due to injury, is the best striker Seydou Doumbia. But Spartacus and his side were without their key player in football Artem Dzuba. He was replaced in the first half of the game with the «Krasnodar» and, most likely, in Derby participation will not accept. He has four goals in three partial matches. In this perspective, I believe that the clear favorite in the Derby will be CSKA,» said Titov.
«if «Spartak» will be Defeated, according to the old tradition would start talking about the dismissal of the head coach. For red-and-white, It became the norm after the failure of games, such as the last meeting in Krasnodar, where they lost 0: 4. Probably going to talk about the fact that I Have to return the last mentor. In General, it is funny. The early evaluation of the performance of Murat akin on the post of the head coach will be given only at the end of the season. Now you need to give him a good place to work, as happened in the case of Valery Carpini. Defeat is painful and unpleasant, But nothing terrible happened. Importantly, to forget the players themselves to negative thoughts were not sitting in the subconscious. Played all 3 rounds. In case of victory in the next match over a competitor can be rehabilitated in the eyes of the fans and the public,» added the expert.
CSKA won the first 3 of the tournament with 9 points ranked second in the standings of the championship of Russia.» Spartak «with 6 points after 2 victories and defeats is placed at 5th position.
Doom in the game with the «Krasnodar»

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