Egor Titov of Spartak plays 60-70 % of its capacity, it can add

Egor Titov of Spartak plays 60-70 % of its capacity, it can add
«Spartak» while acting only at 60-70 % of its capacity, and it is evident That the team can still add. This opinion about the game red-white game 7-th round of the championship of Russia with «torpedo» (3: 1) was expressed in a conversation with journalist known in the past midfielder «Spartacus» Yegor Titov.
«I was watching the match with» torpedo «at the stadium,» said Titov.- I’m not the 1st time was on» the Opening of the Arena, But have experienced all those strong emotions. As for the game, it is Very important Is the result, And the Quality of football as long as leaves much to be desired in practice in all components. This is true for defense, and the transition from protection to offense. The quality of the pass is also not ideal. Most currently admire Dziuba, But Artem — dependent player, it is necessary to maintain high-quality programs, But This has not always happened in the Spartak».
Many years captain of the red-and-white said That Dzyuba and in truth plays a key role in the organization of the game «Spartak».
«very well That Tom is such a versatile player who can not only score, But also to give a decisive pass,» said Titov.- Since most Experts dubbed «Spartak «»" zubozajacymi». Today, the team has provided, It is not so, and That in addition Dziuba still have someone to complete the attack. Anyway, when Artem on the field, it distracted at least two or three players defense, And It unties the hands of other players of «Spartak», creates a space that should be used. In the game with the «torpedo» this factor has been well used, the same Jurado scored a goal after a pass Dziuba, and another Spaniard had a couple good moments, I’m not talking about the Quincy Promise, who scored twice. But as long as «Spartacus», in my opinion, is only 60-70% of their capacity, and shows That the team can add».
at the end of the conversation Titov said That the fans of «Spartacus «to create a new arena just an incredible atmosphere, which should be an advantage for the team.» Fans of» Spartacus» who go into the stands behind the goal are those who just creates a wonderful atmosphere at the new stadium, » said Spartacus.- for It is possible to tell only the most warm words. No matter where the tournament «Spartacus «would be played, But without them, the football team would be poor».
in the upcoming round of «Spartacus» in his field will play 20 September with «Terek «»

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