Director of FC Mordovia : the use of punishment To our fan will leave the club without support

Director of FC Mordovia : the use of punishment To our fan will leave the club without support

at the pre-match meeting before the meeting of the 12th round of» Krasnodar «in Saransk, which took place on 2 November and ended in the victory of» Mordovia «(2: 1), the Commissioner» League — TV «Andrei Nikonov said a petition to transplant an active supporter of team Victor Wanawana, better known As Witek, away from the microphones that had been broadcast with its own immutable style loud and not always censorial support the local team. In response, the Board of Mordovia, said that this fan has its traditional place on the podium, and they do not have the right to infringe on his rights. According to Bibikova, broadcasters not for the 1st time made this request.
«This topic has been touched on Before,» said Bibikov.- But in this case, as far as I know, in the regulations of the competition there are no instructions and limitations on this issue. People bought a ticket for the football and came to support their team. He does not violate the rules of conduct, not burning pyrotechnics, do not use extra noise machine, and We have no right to infringe on his right, trying to put him in the wrong place, where He buys a ticket. In this case, the Authorized television are in the wrong position».
As said the Director of «Mordovia», Witek is the most devoted fan of the team and To the fans, you cannot apply any penalties.
«This supporter cheer for our team, we can say, from its inception,» said Bibikov.- If He believes that we need to support the players so it is his right. We can’t transplant because He buys a ticket to this place. Besides Witek was recognized as the best fan club on the end of the season, and We appreciate such a fan that lights our not so emotional audience. Previously we had a trumpeter, national actor of the Republic, But according to the regulations he had to impose a ban on playing the trumpet. If We are still applicable punishment and To this fan, there will remain active support».
«Mordovia «is on the 10th place in the standings of the championship of Russia, having 14 points after 12 matches

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