CSKA will be able to play well in attack in the game with Spartak and without Doumbia, says expert

CSKA will be able to play well in attack in the game with Spartak and without Doumbia, says expert
The loss of striker Seydou Doumbia in the beginning of the tournament against Spartak is not for CSKA disaster. About This journalist said the former midfielder army command, and now the head coach of Junior national team of Russian Federation (up to 19 years) Dmitry Khomukha.
The Ivorian striker was injured in the game of the 3rd round of the championship of Russia Grozny «Terek» (1: 0), which will miss 3-4 weeks, for example — the meeting of the 4th round of the Russian championship with «Spartak», which will take place on Sunday.
«Doumbia — defining player in CSKA, the best scorer of the team,» said kumuha.- But I think that Leonid Slutsky (head coach.- Approx.) find who successfully replace ivoirite. Remember the 2012/13 season, which Doumbia in practice completely missed due to injury. His lack of Slutsk was dispatched to attack Ahmed Musa, who became periodically to score. In the end, CSKA won the championship. This is a very vivid example of what CSKA knows how cool it is to attack and without Doumbia».
Beating «Terek», CSKA won 13 straight win in the championship of Russia, thereby setting a new championship record. Past achievement is 12 wins in a row — belonged to the army command 1998, advocated by gomukha.» I am glad that our record fell. I wish the army, so they have extended winning streak,» said kumuha.
Analyzing the match with Terek, specialist showed that in the game of CSKA has a certain roughness, which, However, is absolutely logical, because the championship of the Russian Federation has just begun».» The main thing is the result, and CSKA in three games scored 3 victories,» he said.
Gomukha said that in the game against Spartak army defenders need most carefully to observe striker red-white Artem Dzyuba, who in 2 matches of the Russian football championship season 2014/15 scored four goals. First Dzyuba scored twice in the match with Rubin (4: 0), and then in the match against «Dynamo» (2: 1).» Dzyuba in good shape. He believes in himself and dangerous. Yes and CSKA him — principal rival,» said kumuha.
to the question, whose chances of winning, at 1st glance, seem preferable — CSKA or Spartak, the expert replied that «favorites in Derby no».» No matter in which state and status commands are. In Derby anything can happen, anything. To predict the outcome of the confrontation is very difficult,» said kumuha

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