Crimean FC Pearl did not come to match the CR because of the ban of buses

Crimean FC Pearl did not come to match the CR because of the ban of buses
Yalta football club «Pearl» had not come to the match of the Russian championship of the second division in the area «South» with «Biologist-Novokubansk too» because of the ban on the Movement of buses through the Kerch ferry. About This journalist told the General Director of «Pearls» Vyacheslav babey. The meeting between the «Biologist-Novokubansk too» and «Pearl» was to be held on 1 September in the village of Progress of the Krasnodar region.
The movement of buses through the Kerch ferry was limited to fifteen August And 18 August to 5 September). This measure should reduce the queue of cars of tourists returning from the Crimea.
«in connection with the prohibition of the transport Company, the services We use, did not want to send our team to the other side,» said babey.
«in Novorossiysk on the match with Chornomorets We traveled, we can say, on the chaise, — said the General Director of» Pearls».- Players had to carry the equipment, Lekarstva and medical supplies. It was a very exhausting trip. Even with the bus drivers barely agreed to get us to Novorossiysk drove».
«We had requested the PFL to move the match with the «Biologist-Novokubansk too «on 4 October,» said babey.- Addressed to the President of the League Andrey Sokolov. We were told that the situation is not force majeure, because other Crimean teams manage to get to play on the mainland. As they succeed, I don’t know. And on the flights we do not have enough resources».
«Pearl» for failure to appear for the match will be awarded a forfeit loss

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