Court of arbitration for sport in Lausanne see the appeal of a player in football Luis Suarez

Court of arbitration for sport in Lausanne see the appeal of a player in football Luis Suarez
Court of arbitration for sport in Lausanne (CAS) will look on the last working day of the week appeal to the player in football Uruguay and Spanish «Barcelona» Luis Suarez on the decision of the international Federation of football Association (FIFA) about his Ineligibility for the bite of the enemy. CAS announces decision not later than August eleven.
in the game of the group round of the world championship match between Uruguay and Italy (1: 0) Suarez has bitten defender Italian team Giorgio Chiellini, for which he was suspended by FIFA on nine official matches of the national team and four months from any football activities. Soon then solutions Association football Uruguay filed an appeal against the disqualification, which was rejected. FIFA counted the Suarez violation of 2 articles disciplinary regulations — aggression and unsportsmanlike behavior towards the enemy.
the CAS meeting will be held with closed doors, the arbitrators will hear the arguments of both the surez and his authorized representatives, and attorneys of his new club FC Barcelona and the Uruguayan Federation. Lawyers surez pushing that FIFA punish the player in football twice and hope that disqualification will be reduced at least by half, because the timing of redemption disproportionate to the offense player.
If the court does not accept the arguments of Suarez, he will be forced to miss the start of the new season — by the decision of the FIFA him not even allowed to train with partners in Barcelona, but on the field he will be able to return to scheduled on October 26, «classical» with real Madrid cf in the 9th round. Trouble Uruguayan national team will be much more serious — with the current punishment Suarez will be forced to skip the drawing of the America’s Cup, which will be held in 2015 in Chile.
27-year-old Suarez was the star in the Dutch «Ajax», and the best he was last season, where he’s from Liverpool became the 1st scorer of the championship of England, scoring 31 the ball and earning a transfer to Barcelona, which was designed after the disqualification.
Despite the serious injury, Suarez was able to go into operation in the second match of the national team of Uruguay in the group stage of the world Cup in Brazil and scored two goals to English (2: 1). In the next game with the Italians Uruguayan national team managed to make a start in the 1/8 finals, but the leader of her attacks «famous» bite Giorgio Chiellini. Italian player of the protection of that injury in the unfortunate episode has not received a grudge against the Uruguayan does not hold and expressed the hope that the Tribunal will reduce the disqualification surez

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