Coach: the team of the Russian Federation in beach football, there are certain problems with motivation

Coach: the team of the Russian Federation in beach football, there are certain problems with motivation
Players of the national team of the Russian beach soccer need to be set up for Each match, As for the fight, And as long as It is obtained. About It in conversation with the journalist said head Coach Mikhail Likhachev.
on Sunday the Russian team for the fourth time in the last six years, won the Euroleague. At the tournament, which was held in Spanish Torredembarra, citizens of Russia won the group stage in the 1st of the 2 quartets, winning team Italy (9: 2) And Belarus (6: 2) And losing to Portuguese (7: 11). In the decisive match team Likhachev took over Spain (4: 3).
to the question, How do you manage to set up such a titular command on a fresh victory, Likhachev said, «Every time, but this issue really matters. You have to configure the guys on Every single fight. Glad that as long as It can».
The turning point of the tournament for the team, the expert said, was the defeat of the Portuguese.» Another outstanding victory And very heavy. Which is why it is doubly valuable, » he told the impressions of the tournament Likhachev.- The most difficult moment was, of course, against Portugal, where somewhere was not lucky, somewhere judicial decisions were not in our favor, And our players are not very confidently acted. Lost, but I’m Glad we were able to draw correct conclusions even before the tournament with Belarusians. And then beat in the hardest match of the Spaniards, at the same time showing very substantial football».
The special importance of the Euroleague, According to the Russian national team coach, betrayed the fact that the tournament was also a selection for the first European Olympic games to be held in the coming year.» It is an important tournament for us, besides just wanted to participate in this celebration of football,» added the head of the Department.
As told Likhachev, «the hot season «the team comes only At the present time. on August 23 at the base in the suburban village of Petrovo-Dalnee collection will begin in the enlarged — 18 players. Ten of them young And inexperienced — will go to the European Cup, which begins on August 29 in Azerbaijan.
Eight players will continue the preparation for the qualifying tournament of world championship 2015. Qualification will take place from 5 to 14 September in Italy.» Selection system, such that the world Cup will get only four teams out of 24. So the output in the final stage of the tournament — a priori, the main goal of the season,» said Likhachev.
The Russian team is the winner of the last 2 seasons of world Cup

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