Coach Rostov Gamula: black players accepted my apology

Coach Rostov Gamula: black players accepted my apology

first English media said that the defending Player «Rostov» and the national team of South Africa Send Xulu refuses to train with the team After the opinion of the mentor team.
«We talked before training, and the guys understand me. I apologized for his words on the issue of Ebola to our team on such information generally No more was said. Can’t say, and in truth whether Xulu did Not want to train. Anyway incident exhausted this topic We No longer touch. All players are training, working environment. We present a different situation — the team need to get out of the pit,» said Gamula.
according to his statement, he did Not expect that his words would cause such resonance.» my teams have always been very friendly teams. I have never divided players into good or bad, on foreigners or citizens of Russia. Honestly, I was shocked, sincerely worried for two days did Not sleep. I did Not want someone to insult or offend. For me the players are close. This situation I was laid down, I was seriously nervous. Not because of the fact that I could dismiss, and because of the fact that when a difficult situation in the team is difficult to solve some tasks. I was most concerned about. But today I talked with the guys and I became a little easier,» said the Coach.
«I think that This story is only to unite the team. Now the guys will be working even more responsible,» he added Gamula.
After 12 rounds «Rostov «is on the 14th place in the championship of Russia

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