Coach of Spartak Yakin: I don’t think I have to show Shirokov way in the locker room

Coach of Spartak Yakin: I don't think I have to show Shirokov way in the locker room

Match of the 12th round of the championship of Russia Kuban — Spartak ended with the score 3: 3. Replaced in the 59th minute Shirokov immediately went to the locker room, Not shaking hands with the coach.
«He has recovered from the injury, and on Thursday played all 120 minutes, for this reason I decided to replace it. Such a change We had planned. I don’t think I have to show him the way to the locker room. The stadium scheme He knows better than me,» said Yakin.
The coach was Not to explain the work of referee Michael Vilkova in this match.
«I prefer to concentrate on our game and Not to discuss the work of the referee. I have always kept the bounds of decency regarding judging and will adhere to this principle today. I did Not wish to explain work Vilkova,» said Yakin.
«The teams played in a bold and attacking football. 1st time We had to concentrate, But lost the advantage early in the second. Opponent pinned us to the gate, we had to pass through a difficult period. But still we managed to show the character and change the course of the tournament. Sorry, could Not preserve the victory. We must take this Match, with this game you can live on. We had a good motivation,» summed up the tournament Yakin.
in the upcoming match, which will be held November 9, Spartak will play at home against the Tula Arsenal

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