Coach of Spartak Yakin: Dzuba can return to training on Tuesday or Wednesday

Coach of Spartak Yakin: Dzuba can return to training on Tuesday or Wednesday
«Spartak» has shown tactical flexibility in the game of the 4th round of the Russian championship with CSKA. This opinion on the post-match press conference was expressed by the head Coach of the red-and-white Murat Yakin.
on Sunday Spartak beat CSKA 1: 0.
«I wish to make a compliment to his subordinates. After losing from Krasnodar(0: 4.- Approx.) they showed a great game. We showed tactical flexibility. The team fought. That is what I was avenged. We have diversified our actions in attack and played Well in defense. We also neutralized quick counterattacks. The victory with the score 1: 0 — this is something We can be proud of. We took 3 points and won the Derby,» said Yakin.
«we have enough players to support tactical flexibility. The Jurado was damaged, for this reason He did not play,» said Yakin.
according to reports, the Spanish media, Jurado in the near future may move to Atletico Madrid.
«We’re in a tactical search,» said Yakin.- Composition, on which We focus, as long as it is up. Changes needed even then tournament, despite the victory. Well, We managed to replace injured players.
According to Akina, striker Majeed Waris progressing with every game.» Wares used his agility to reduce the pressure CSKA. He increasingly finds his game and fits into our strategy,» said Yakin.
Dzyuba can return to training next Tuesday
«Dziuba nothing globally terrible about it. Soon It will be another test. It may be that He will train on Tuesday or Wednesday,» said Yakin.
Dzyuba was injured in the match of the 3rd round of the Russian championship with the «Krasnodar «(0: 4), which was forced to leave the field in the 28th minute of the tournament. According to team doctor Michael Vartapetova, Dziuba was diagnosed with muscular spasm.
in the fifth round Spartak away will play with the» Ufa». The game will take place on August 23

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