Coach of Spartak Otero: maybe Yakin’ll go With the team in Krasnodar

Coach of Spartak Otero: maybe Yakin'll go With the team in Krasnodar

Match of the 1/8 finals of the Russian Cup Rubin — Spartak ended with the victory Kazantsev with the score 2: 0 in extra time.
«We found a good game rhythm, the most in the first half, but then we had to make two substitutions, removing Glushakova and Makeev. Then explain the game makes No sense. Unfortunately, We did Not convert the chances created in the first half,» said Otero.
Otero in the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan was the acting head coach instead of Murat akin that because of the disease remained in the capital of Russia.
«we had a clear game plan to disease Akina. We briefly talked With him during the break, but telecasting difficult to form an opinion on the game. The lack Akina felt. I hope That He will join the team as soon as Possible. Yakin feels better. Ahead 3 days, maybe He will be With us in Krasnodar,» said Otero.
According to Otero, attack of the Moscow «Spartak» will gain variation With the return of striker Yura Movsisyan, who spent the second Match of the season, coming on as substitute in the 106th minute.
«We sent a clear signal, producing a second striker when the score was 0: 0 — We tried to win. Artem Dzuba was successful series in the beginning of the championship. Sure, the next goal will give him confidence and He will be able to issue another one. With the return of Armenian it will be easier, because It will add attack» Spartacus «variability,» said Otero.
1st full Match for Spartak held midfielder Roman Shirokov.» He probably got too much practice. I hope That soon He will be completely restored. He is able to give an outstanding transfer. We need to be tolerant, to see the best version of the Novel,» said Otero.
«I do not exclude That We will be able to get into Europe, despite the departure from Cup», said Otero.
Bilyaletdinov does Not believe That Dzyuba slowed in comparison With the beginning of the season
Coach Rubin Rinat Bilyaletdinov do Not agree With the opinion about the fact That striker Spartak Artem Dzyuba slowed in comparison With the beginning of the season.
Dzyuba can Not score for Spartak on August 23. On account of the forward six goals in League games, and among them two at the gate» ruby «in the meeting of the first round, which ended with the victory of the red-and-white with the score 4: 0.
«I will not agree That Dzyuba slowed down. It is still very difficult to move — He knows how to fight, in addition to start fighting for horse ball on the ground. As for the tournament, then we have seriously updated composition. The game, despite the result, I do Not consider a failure. Just Spartak decided their chances and We failed to adjust,» said Bilyaletdinov.
According to his coach, His team before this meeting was Not revanchist.» When there is a thirst for revenge or retaliation, properly accentuated. You can lose much more.» Spartak «- a very serious contender, it will Not go away, in spite of some of their internal team problems. During the tournament even had to shout to rebuild the team and calm «Spartacus,» said the Coach.
Bilyaletdinov said That forward Serdar Azmun hit penalty for 120 minutes, on its own initiative.» He has Not played very wished to score, caught the attention of the Coach.- In General, His participation in the game was in question, We were Not even planning to release. He two days spent in the infectious diseases clinic, was suspected of serious poisoning. He showed character and insisted That it must play. In General, the nature of the whole team became the main guarantee of our victory «»

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