Coach of Mordovia : draw in the game of the Locomotive is an honest result

Coach of Mordovia : draw in the game of the Locomotive is an honest result
Head Coach of» Mordovia «Yuri Semin said that a draw in the game between His team and the Moscow» Locomotive «is an honest result. About This he said at the postgame press conference.
on the first day of the weekend players» Locomotive «and» Mordovia «played in a draw (1: 1) in the 7th round of the championship of Russia.
«First, We are very pleased conquered by the point — it conquered. Grateful to the guys that the Team played with discipline. Wanted more, But more, I think We did Not play — the result is fair. We are building tactics, based on available opportunities, and they are compared with the «Locomotive» is limited. But We win points,» said Semin.
in addition, Semin believes that the leadership of the «Locomotive «has prevented players» Mordovia «pre-match training session at the stadium in Cherkizovo for their own PR.
«The situation was disappointing in the sense that we are even just in sneakers Not allowed to enter the field and pick up the spikes. Declare that gave equivalent field to warm up. But it is Not the same — there are no stands. Certain guys first arrived in the capital of Russia, someone for the first time at this stadium. I wouldn’t led the team on the field if it was in bad condition, But the weather is just beautiful. Citizens are different: some people built this arena, boarding, win medals, and Others are Not allowed on the field. I don’t know why It has the ability to be for PR. Bad advertising is also advertising».- said Semin.
«It is disrespectful to the club and the players. Not me — I will survive,» added Semin.
«Receiving party chose to pay the fine than to allow our team to test the BSA «locomotive». The training was held at the Small sports arena,» said the statement, released on 12 September on the page «Mordovia «in Twitter.
«The fans always mean to me very much, drew the attention of the Coach.- Without them, football is empty. We play for them. At the stadium «locomotive» fans less and less, But for me they are the most important. All my conquests that were there, Not as important As a good relationship with the fans.»

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