Coach Lucescu’s Shakhtar: the behavior of the player in football Bernard unexplained

Coach Lucescu's Shakhtar: the behavior of the player in football Bernard unexplained
Donetsk head Coach of the football club «Shakhtar coach Mircea Lucescu has described the behavior of the Brazilian Bernard, who is 3 months did not appear in the command location, as inexplicable And outrageous. About this Lucescu told Ukrainian media.
Bernard left Shakhtar fifteen of may After the final tournament of the Cup of Ukraine, After which not have been in contact With anyone from the club. 21-year-old striker spent 3 tournament of the Brazilian national team at the world Championships.
«His behaviour to me at all inexplicable. For 40 years of his coaching career, I never met With such situations, as in His case, » said the Romanian Coach.- All this time He gets a salary on his contract. And I as a Coach have never waited from him No phone call, No congratulations on the super Cup of Ukraine, or at least the kind words about our other players. I haven’t met a player in football, which no one spoke in the team: Neither Brazil Nor With the Ukrainians. With anyone! The feeling that He is a player Twitter And social networks. There he is in contact With the fans. But it doesn’t communicate With their own team that pays him money, And good money! I am shocked by His behavior.
«If Bernard will become more serious And will return to the club he was signed for 5 years, then maybe something will change. But I don’t know when It will occur. And If there were, then a week Later again will go to the national team again will be missing. And once again to prepare for the Champions League. From my point of view, it causes resentment. The more He best paid Brazilian in our team. And He knows that will be punished,» he added Lucescu.
Summer Shakhtar have problems With other players. After a friendly tournament in the French Annecy, held at the end of July, the team left six players — the Argentinian Facundo Ferreira, as well As Brazilians Teixeira, Dentinho, Costa, ismaily And Fred. They motivated this step the unstable situation in Ukraine. After some time, the players returned to the team. But then Teixeira And Costa again left Shakhtar, not having come to Lviv for the match of the 3rd round of the championship of Ukraine’s Metalist Kharkiv

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