Coach Bayer Schmidt: acted responsibly throughout the game With Zenit

Coach Bayer Schmidt: acted responsibly throughout the game With Zenit

Tuesday Zenit defeated «Bayer» in the home match of the 4th round of the group stage of the Champions League with the score 1: 2. The reserves of the «Bayer» said the Dream of Hung-Min (I-68 and 73-I min). For the hosts scored Salomon RondГіn (89).
«We have gained a deserved victory. Our players were disciplined style was maintained throughout the game. Our guys kept his emotional attitude. With regard to the three difficult matches ahead of a meeting on» Petrovsky «this victory is even more valuable,» said Schmidt.- We are very optimistic. Required to achieve the goal of entering the playoffs. As for Sona, who scored two goals, this is a very promising player.
Coach «Bayer» said the midfielder team Emir spahiД‡ finished a meeting With several stitches on his lip.» Heavy bleeding from Spahic was the result of the destruction of the lips. He was imposed seams, but the footballer, clenching his teeth, courageously continued to play,» said Schmidt.
for reviews of the coach, «Zenit «- the most uncomfortable opponent for Leverkusen in group C.» We try to play actively, putting pressure on the enemy, but have to say compliments of» Zenith,» said Schmidt.- this team has all the chances to win the following matches. Our opponents presumably the same level, but Zenit, probably a little stronger. We still have the game, but as long as the St. Petersburg club seems to be the most troublesome opponents».
Matches of Matchday 5 group will be held on November 26. In St. Petersburg «Zenith «will take Benfica (S. L. Benfica), Bayer in his field will have a meeting With Monaco (AS Monaco)

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