Chapter subway: station Gory cope with the demand for the 2018 world Cup

Chapter subway: station Gory cope with the demand for the 2018 world Cup
Metro station «Sparrow hills» will catch up with the demand, which is expected during the holding in the capital of the matches of the world football championship 2018. About it, answering a reporter’s question, said at a press conference at the Agency head of the Moscow metro Dmitry Pegov.
«at the moment any negotiations or design solutions for the restoration of» Sparrow hills «is not conducted, the station is large enough, I Think, with the flow of passengers, which is expected by the world Cup, she’ll do,» said Pegov.
Chapter subway added that the Moscow metro has a good experience in the days of the big sporting events.» Now we have competitions are held at the new stadium «Open arena» at the station «Spartak», just a week ago everyone was there (at the opening), and my deputies at the current station. With the proper organization of exit from the stadium and the distribution of passenger traffic, you can build the entry of passengers at the station, quite convenient and safe for our passengers».
when asked to comment on whether the closure on the entrance station «Sparrow hills «in the days of football matches in the arena» Luzhniki «insecurity supports, Pegov said:» for the restoration of the station «Vorobyovy Gory» as long as the issue was not raised — it until not worth it. About the tonnage At present I will not say, but I have no information that it is closed (input) due to some inconsistencies constructions station. I think that all stations that are currently designed in the Moscow metro, comply with building regulations and regulatory documents, and for loads that station should have peak-hour occupancy of the station. For this reason, there is no fear in terms of loads on the station. Together with employees of the police and other security services for sports facilities With a clear and well-coordinated work of these services, you can achieve this position when the passengers will not feel discomfort When planting in our compositions. Most if we increase this period, the number of trains and will take measures to ensure that passengers have purchased tickets in advance.»

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