CEO TJC: the debut of the club in the Cup of Russia on football left a positive Impression

CEO TJC: the debut of the club in the Cup of Russia on football left a positive Impression
General Director of the Simferopol football club TJC Alexander Gaydash said that the start of the club in the Russian competitions left him with a positive Impression. About This Gaydash told the journalist on the phone.
Clubs SA of the black sea (Sevastopol), TJC (Simferopol) and «Pearl» (Yalta) on Tuesday for the first time held the matches in the tournament, held under the auspices of the Russian football Union (RFU). In 1/256 of the Cup of Russia TJC homes were Defeated SK BSF (0: 2), and «Pearl» in his field with the same account lost «Sochi».
«Impressions from the first tournament in competitions under the auspices of the RAF are very positive,» said Gaydash.- The game took place, we all had to do, had to apply. Today, in the application for the match was only 12 players, but now Our goal is to work for the future, develop a team, to make it efficient. Defeat is not upset — at least, pots nobody beats. Guys only on Sunday held the 1st workout, and Today for the first time went to the Crimean stadium in the official game. Hopefully, by August 20 — the start of ECT in the 2nd division championship — the team will already have 18 players on full application».
in the championship of the second division area South of the Crimean Clubs that July 31 was adopted in the Russian competition the decision of the Bureau of the Executive Department of the RFU, is expected to start on August 20 matches of the 3rd round, and meeting the first 2 rounds will be held in November.
According to Gidasa, attendance TJC presumably similar to the one which had Tavria Simferopol, the speakers in the championship of Ukraine: «the match was attended by about 1, 5 thousand fans. The entrance to the stadium was free, for this reason, it is difficult for me to judge accurately. This is presumably the same, how many went to the matches for the team in the championship of Ukraine «»

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