CEO miner Palkin: applicable penalties For willfully left the team players

CEO miner Palkin: applicable penalties For willfully left the team players
Donetsk football club «Shakhtar» will apply penalties To the Brazilian players Alex Teixeira and Douglas Costa, who again left the team. About it, said the General Director of the club Sergey Palkin, which quoted the Ukrainian media.
After a friendly tournament in the French Annecy, held at the end of July, the location Shakhtar left six players — the Argentinian Facundo Ferreira, as well as Brazilians Teixeira, Dentinho, Costa, ismaily and Fred. They motivated this step the unstable situation in Ukraine. After some time, the players returned to the team. However, in said Palkin said that Teixeira and Costa again left the team, not having come to Lviv for the match of the 3rd round of the championship of Ukraine Kharkiv «Metalist».
«I think that from their side there is pressure on the club, so we sold. But if we are going to press, we will stick to only the contract — 50 million euros are compensation for each of the players, » said Palkin.- They must understand themselves and to take an appropriate decision. Unfortunately, these days the influence of agents is very large. What is happening, not without their influence. I can say that, of course will apply To willfully left the team players punitive punishment.»

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