Centuries Putin visited the Stadium Opening arena is the home Stadium of FC Spartak

Centuries Putin visited the Stadium Opening arena is the home Stadium of FC Spartak
The President of the Russian Federation centuries Putin visited the Russian capital the new Stadium of the football club «Spartak» — «Open arena», which also matches the Moscow team will host the games of the world Cup in 2018.
at the stadium the head of state was welcomed by the leaders of the «Spartak», honored veterans football club, which met Putin. The conversation took place at the edge of the football field where you installed the sculpture in memory of the 4 brothers Starostina — founders of «Spartacus» in 1920-ies.
the head had paid my respects to the veterans of the club with the opening of the new Arena, which became the first home arena for one of the most legendary Russian teams.
Among the famous players of the past years, with whom he talked Putin, were — Nikita Simonyan, Oleg Romantsev, Georgy Yartsev, Alexey Paramonov, Dasaev, Yuri Gavrilov, Sergey Rodionov, Vladimir Beschastnykh.
The stadium, located on the area of the former Tushino airfield, will become not only the centre of the new sports cluster capital of Russia, but also an important part of the infrastructure of the new Tushino — in the Arena here by 2018 160 hectares will accommodate residential, office, public facilities and parks, informs the press service of the Kremlin.
the construction of the stadium «the opening of the arena began in 2010. Currently the Stadium has already passed the certification of the Russian football Union, and Among them, in congruence with the standards and requirements of FIFA and UEFA. The stadium was awarded the highest category, which will provide the opportunity to spend it in 2017 matches of the confederations Cup football in 2018 — the group stage of the world Cup (1/8 and 1/4 finals, match for third place).
The total construction cost of the stadium was 14, 5 billion rubles. The construction was carried out by private investors — shareholders of the football club «Spartak» (Moscow). The total area of the stadium more than 52 thousand square meters, height — 51, 8 meter. Stadium capacity of 42 thousand places, all located under one roof. The stadium is made in the shape of a diamond, which corresponds to the symbolism of the Moscow «Spartak». Indoor stadium will be working the shop for sports enthusiasts, football club Museum and a press center.
Next to the stadium is expected to build an indoor multipurpose arena on 12 thousand spectators expandable up to 20 thousand places, as well as the database of the football club «Spartak» (Moscow) with six soccer fields, Parking for spectators at 3, 5 thousand cars and two Motel

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