Centuries Putin: Russian players have to take the clubs leading position

Centuries Putin: Russian players have to take the clubs leading position
Russian players are required to take in their own clubs leading position as «second role» will not be able to bring success to the national team, believes the President of the Russian Federation centuries Putin.
«Not only is it important, how many of our (Russians) plays in our clubs. It is important that our players played in leading positions, so they felt people, from which depends the fate of matches and not only domestically, but also abroad. This should be pursued. If they will always be on the sidelines, it is difficult to make a workable optimal team,» said Putin in conversation with veterans of «Spartacus» when visiting the new stadium.
Addressing the Minister of sport Vitaly Mutko, the Director recalled that prior to August 30, the government is obliged to find out the procedure for making foreign athletes and experts in sports and games.
«We are preparing a report. The draft law is ready. Because If We give it (the determination of the order) at the mercy of (sports) federations limit, usually Federation difficult it go. For this reason, We decided to prepare a Draft law that will make it to the state Duma, which will determine the order, and give us a range of options to set for each sport limit the attraction of foreign labor force», » said Mutko.
He said that about 60% of the players in Russian football clubs currently are citizens of foreign countries.
in the conversation, one of the veterans of the «red-white» Georgy Yartsev said that on August 30 at the new stadium will host a match with the participation of the outstanding players of the past.» Will appeal To fans to this beautiful stadium, there was no vandalism, no racism,» said Yartsev.
«in this sense from you is very much depends, Because you are citizens of the legendary, To you, the citizens listen,» he commented Putin.
in the last few years at the stadiums in Russia there were several high-profile cases of vandalism and racism relatively dark-skinned players foreign players, which caused a wide public resonance and became the object of attention from both police organizations, and international football authorities

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