Capello: football team of the Russian Federation showed a quick game to play with a team of Azerbaijan

Capello: football team of the Russian Federation showed a quick game to play with a team of Azerbaijan
The national team of Russia on football demonstrated fast play in a friendly match with the team of Azerbaijan. About it said after the meeting reporters Chief coach of Russian citizens Fabio Capello.
on Wednesday, the Russian Team on the suburban Arena-Khimki defeated the team of Azerbaijan in a friendly match with the score 4: 0.» Had a good game, » drew attention Capello.- Played quickly. There were Young guys who debuted from the team, And this is very important. Well, What both teams have done without injury.
«1st time Played on this stadium, And could well have scored four goals. This stadium knows me Well, Because I often come here to watch the matches of the championship. Great venue, But it is Very important That we are interested in the quality field. Today it was different,» added the coach.
«Every Game is in practice a new history,» said Capello.- It is clear That Today we did not Play for 3 points. Saw from both teams desire, desire, struggle. I liked That we were Playing fast football».
on the question of whether to expect from the team in the new cycle of attacking football, Capello replied That until not wished to clarify this topic.» Easier just to tell stories, » he said.- But I just did not want to talk about it. The game depends. Importantly, from the players that you have. Today the Game has developed so many times we caught the ball in the centre, tried to quickly destroy the enemy’s offensive. But on the field it was Also the high quality in attack».
Young Russian players have proven That they have a future
Fabio Capello
Head coach of the Russian Federation
Also the specialist explained the low attendance of the tournament.» I think this problem is not only the team But also the entire Russian football. Our actions, we must bring people to the stadium,» said Capello.
According to the coach, the lack in the starting lineup Alexander Kokorin’s not talking about the fact That he is in poor physical condition.» Started in the starting lineup Kerzhakov, But it did not say What Kokorin for the last period of time is bad,» said the coach.
According to Capello, Young Russian players have proven That they have a future.» it was very important the participation of young guys, » said Capello.- I’m glad their debut.» It was important for me to see young guys in t-shirts of the national team, » the coach added.- part I already know, you know, What can I expect from them. But Also it is important to raise young children. Today I Saw That they have a future.»

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