Capello: debts to the coaches of the national team of the Russian Federation ought to be repaid on Tuesday

Capello: debts to the coaches of the national team of the Russian Federation ought to be repaid on Tuesday
Head Coach of Russian national football told That debts to the coaching staff of the national team will be repaid on Tuesday and Financial problems don’t bother him. About That Capello told at a press conference Before their friendly match against Azerbaijan, which will be held on 3 September in Khimki.
As before said the Minister of sport Vitaly Mutko, the coaching staff of the national team of Russia on football, and among them the coach Fabio Capello, Within three months is not paid a salary.
«The match against Azerbaijan will not be easy. We will be able to do during the game six changes, and I plan to give play to those people who have little time or don’t play at all. But We now can say That the team need to update. With regard to debts to the coaching staff is the last thought that worries me. Now I only think about the next games. Financial problems don’t worry me. I said That on Tuesday debts to coaches must be extinguished,» drew the attention of the Coach.
Capello revealed That striker Spartak Artem Dzyuba has improved his game, because he lost weight and became more versatile player.» I watched Artem Dzyuba in three championship matches. He has improved his results because he lost weight. I think He started to play better, because in the past He tried to act only head, and now has become more versatile. I inquired with people who are trained, and They confirmed my words. Unfortunately, At the present time Dziuba the flu, and He remained at home. Other newcomers Also interesting players. All the guys have to help the team and make it stronger,» added Capello.
Capello told about the changes in the coaching staff: «I have interviewed with new coaches and asked them if They would like to work in a team, whether They will be proud to work in t-shirts of the national team of the Russian Federation. They said they will be happy to do It. Sergei Semak and Igor Simutenkov — my assistants. Now They see my actions in training and help the coaching staff. It’s great in the past players who have a chance to give the team».
The coach said That the gates of team Russia in the upcoming match will play Igor Akinfeev.
«Arena Khimki» is an ideal place For the tournament with a team of Azerbaijan
The defensive player of the national team of the Russian Federation Vasily Berezutsky called the team of Azerbaijan good, tactically competent, difficult opponent:» Azerbaijan is a good team, tactically competent, which is not easy to play. Currently, there are no weak teams, and We have seen this in the world Cup. We are playing at home, I think, no difficulty with fans regarding Alexander Samedov (a native of Azerbaijan.- ) cannot be. I can not understand, How can you not root for the Russian national team. For me it doesn’t matter what place is occupied by the Russian team in any sport. Let’s hope That without the support We will not stand».
Also Berezutsky told about How the team work with a new coach Sergei Semak: «the Mood in the team is good. All beginners are Well adapted, and difficulties of no one. We are faced with tasks that We must perform. Some jokes on the issue of Sergei Semak, of course, the team were. The main subject For this — his beard. It is unusual.»

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