Byshovets: foreign coaches of the Russian national team does not perform tasks for development of youth football

Byshovets: foreign coaches of the Russian national team does not perform tasks for development of youth football
The reasons for the failure of the youth national team of Russia on football in the qualifying tournament of European championship 2015 and Olympic games in 2016 are in an inappropriate attitude To Russian «Junior» from the club of Premier League coaches and coaches of the national team, when they often sacrifice work for the future in order to achieve immediate results. This opinion in the talk with the journalist expressed the head coach of the Olympic team of the USSR Champions Games 1988 in Seoul Anatoly Byshovets.
«The main reason for the failure of Russian hockey «is inappropriate with respect To youth and Junior football in our country,» said Byshovets.- This is the most important link in the development of football is clearly not enough attention from management. Unfortunately, we have until now never could build a vertical teams with the same philosophy, concept selection and proper rules for the preparation of national teams to ensure successful performance in various tournaments.
for reviews of Byshovets, foreign Experts who manage the national team of the Russian Federation since 2006, not declared perform tasks on the system development teams, development of youth football.» Far beyond the examples do not need to go, » said the expert.- The leadership of our football has always adhered to foreign specialists aim to bring in their own experience in the development of the Institute teams, fold the succession of generations, but in fact, these tasks are not performed. Suffice it to recall Guus Hiddink, who had not let go of Alexander Borodyuk, senior coach of youth team on its most important match with Portugal, or as a lawyer with Capello did not release their players in the youth team, though at that time they were much needed. Again, one of the leaders of the youth team Magomed Ozdoev, instead, to help the team in the playoff game with the Danes (), participated in a pass friendly match with the national team of Azerbaijan (). There is no understanding that the success of the youth national team performances at the youth world and European Championships and Olympic games are the most powerful and reliable Foundation for future victories and successes of the Russian national team.»

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