Byshovets: CSKA and Zenit have not shown a game worthy of the leaders of the championship of Russia

Byshovets: CSKA and Zenit have not shown a game worthy of the leaders of the championship of Russia

in the Central match of the 12th round of the Czech Cup, held on the first day of the weekend in Khimki CSKA defeated with the score 0: 1. The winning goal scored in the 7th minute After a corner Javi Garcia.
«on the dynamics, meaning the actions of the players and coaching moves Match the leaders of the championship of Russia conceded recent Cup meeting in the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan with the participation of Rubin and Spartak(2: 0 — extra BP.- Approx. TASS) — said Byshovets.-» Zenit scored a quick goal and then in the first half we saw a confusing game with a huge number of errors on both sides. After the break CSKA intensified, creating some good chances, but the implementation was at zero level».
for reviews of Byshovets, this meeting showed most of the problems of «Zenit», without eliminating them difficult to count on success in the Champions League.» Still looks vulnerable defense team Andre Villas-Boas, although early in the season it seemed that the arrival of Ezekiela of Garay helped to ease the tension in this line, — said the expert.- shocked at this meeting and Lodygin (goalkeeper of «Zenit».- Approx. TASS) who sometimes adventurous decisions. CSKA are not punished, but European clubs will surely be punished. Unexpected was the solution in the basis of Alexander Ryazantsev that, most likely, due to injuries Russian players from the permanent holder of Villas-Boas and the limit on foreign players. Nothing special, he did not show himself».
according to the interviewer TASS, the gap between Zenit from CSKA in 7 points After the meeting does not mean the end of the fight for the gold medal in the championship of Russia.» without a doubt, the club from St. Petersburg made a serious request for the title, drew attention Byshovets.- Only in the last season, Zenit had an impressive handicap before CSKA Moscow in the autumn, but in the final table in the first place was Muscovites».
The match of the 13th round Zenit will play its field November 8 against the «Terek» and on the next day CSKA will play against Dinamo Moscow

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