Because of the abundance of foreign players from FC Zenit only name, says expert

Because of the abundance of foreign players from FC Zenit only name, says expert
St. Petersburg «Zenith» obliged to go into the playoffs of the Champions League football With the first space in group C. About this journalist said the famous last forward blue-white-blue Yuri Stomachs.
Tuesday «Zenit» on the road with the score 2: 0 beat the Portuguese Benfica. In another group C match of the French «Monaco» with the score 1: 0 defeated German «Bayer».
«I liked how you played» Zenit», the most in the first half, » said Stomachs.- I think that the team of Andre Villas-Boas (head coach of Zenit.- ) should go into the playoffs With the first space in the group».
«But very sad that from Zenit in fact only name — said the expert.- Yesterday in the starting lineup came out only 3 Russian player in football. Sorry that this is happening. But currently, the club relies Not on their students, and foreign masters.» The Zenith is easier to buy for ?10 million experienced foreign players than to grow your own player in football. Club sets itself high goals and want to achieve them in a short period of time.
at the 18th minute of the tournament for the «foul «From the field was removed goalkeeper Benfica Artur Moraes.» the judge has made absolutely the right decision — the violation was undoubted, believes Stomachs.- Overall, the judging may Not cause problems. A couple of times the Players of Benfica fell in the penalty of» Zenit», demanding a penalty. But the referee didn’t give in to their tricks, correctly interpreting episodes».
«Being in the majority, Zenit have chosen a competent game model,» continued the source.- You can say that He defeated in the class. The Zenit players did Not give the players of Benfica space, successfully operated in the selection, fast counterattacking. By and large, Benfica at the gates of the Russian team could Not do anything. The new players of Ezekiela of Garay and Javi Garcia threw a good impression. Well looked Oleg Shatov. Did not like the only striker Salomon RondГіn Not realize some dangerous moments».
Stomachs said that With the arrival of Villas-Boas Brazilian forward Hulk has become more common to play a pass.» previously, He often took the game on his own shoulders — sometimes it was hurting the team, » said the expert.- He took the ball and played like himself. Now the Hulk has become much more a team player. Demonstrative evidence is that this season He passed for several assists».
in the 85th minute of the match against Benfica Hulk was replaced with the former captain of the Russian Federation Andrey Arshavin. Stomachs believes that the 33-year-old striker will show itself From its best side.» for the last time Andrew plays well and even scored a goal in an important match against Dynamo. I think He will manifest the character and will help Zenit. For a place from him, however, it will be necessary to compete — taking Into account which currently limit on foreign players. I believe that under the current scheme limit «4 plus 7 «it will be difficult to make a strong team for the world Cup 2018. If we wish to successfully compete at the world championship, the limit should be changed,» said specialist

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