Assistant Leonid Kuchuk: our coaching staff is not going to work in Lokomotiv

Assistant Leonid Kuchuk: our coaching staff is not going to work in Lokomotiv
The head coach of the Moscow football club «Lokomotiv» Leonid Kuchuk, to dismiss from the work with the team it was announced on the first day of the week, in fact continues to perform his duties, but coming from him and his assistants in the club There. About this journalist said assistant Belarusian specialist Yuri Kulish.
Tuesday Kucuk came to office, «Locomotive», where he was to meet with the club President Olga Smorodskaya. Her coach was obliged to discuss his future in the team. The specialist did not give statements to the press, leaving it right Smorodskaya. Later authorized coach Alexander Tolstikov told the Agency that Kucuk met not with Smorodskaya, and with a lawyer «Locomotive», and that the contract specialist shall remain in force.
on the question, will the coaching staff work in the «Locomotive», Kulish said, «No, do not continue. I think that the head of» Locomotive «for themselves already decided. But no papers have not been signed yet».
Kulish, as well as other Authorized coaching staff of railwaymen, Tuesday will be at the team’s training, which de jure they continue to work.
on the first day of the week Smorodskaya met Kucuk on the home team in Bakovka, after which the Specialist had a training team, which, apparently, could be his last in the «Locomotive», as at the end of the club, it was announced that head coach has been suspended from work.
Kucuk headed «locomotive» in the summer of 2013. Under the leadership of the Belarusian specialist Moscow team finished in 3rd place in the Russian League season 2013/14.
Information about the dismissal of Kuchuk occurred shortly after a series of unsuccessful performances of railwaymen — estimativas bezvyigryshnaya series In all competitions and chetyrehmatchevaya in the national championship. For example, the team failed to reach the group stage of the Europa League after losing 2 meetings Cyprus «Apollo». In the table of national championship «locomotive» is after 7 rounds 9-th place with 9 points

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