Andre Villas-Boas: Zenith did Not show his best football in the game With Ufa

Andre Villas-Boas: Zenith did Not show his best football in the game With Ufa
In the match With the «Ufa» players Zenit St. Petersburg have Not shown your true potential, but showed good physical fitness mate Champions League With a Belgian football club «standard». About This told reporters chief coach of the St. Petersburg Andre Villas-Boas.
in the game of the 4th round of the Czech Cup in St. Petersburg «Zenith» defeated «Ufa» — 1: 0. The winning goal in the 31st minute With a penalty for a foul on Alexander Kiriakova, scored the Hulk.» Zenit won a fourth consecutive victory in the championship of Russia.
«Today is an important result,» said the Portuguese coach.- We have Not demonstrated the best football. Hammer Fayzulin, the game would have been different. We need rotation, adaptation to the new conditions After flights. We have 3 days. It’s Not so much, but From the perspective of physical training of the team, I’m glad the state of the team. In Liege We finally going to play With the fans After 2 matches in an empty stadium. With the «standard» will be another game».
«We happened to score the second goal, but the players were fond of individual actions, and for this reason I made mistakes and lost balls, — explained the Expert.- We made mistakes when making decisions, for this reason could Not score a goal in the 2nd half, When the «Ufa» began to unfold».
in the beginning of the week Javi Garcia signed a three-year contract With Zenit on Thursday. According to media reports, for the transfer 27-year old player in football, the St. Petersburg club paid 16, 5 million euros.» We know what they are capable Garcia, drew attention Villas-Boas.- We don’t buy players, whom are Not sure. He was replaced by Anatoliy Tymoshchuk, who had a fantastic game. Gave Garcia the opportunity to Express themselves».
during the second half Together With Oleg Shatovym and the Salomon Rondon was warming up Andrey Arshavin, but on the field He Never appeared.» we always warm up 3 players, but the substitutions are made on a different principle, based on what’s happening on the field. I decided to release Oleg Shatov,» said Villas-Boas.
The specialist told about the psychological state of the team before the next match «Zenit «in the play-off round of the Champions League, where out blue-white-blue will meet With Liege» standard «on August 20.» in this regard, the team is all exceptional, drew attention to It.-» Ufa is a very aggressive team that fights for the ball. From the standpoint of the psychology of both teams were on the top level. In Liege emotions, which gives the Champions League, will affect us and the enemy. We will be ready for this match From all points of view, and» physics», and tactics, and psychology.
in the fifth round Zenit will host Amkar on August 23.
«Ufa» chose the right tactics for the match against Zenit
goalkeeper «Ufa» Sergey Veremko said against individually strong players «Zenit» we have to play defense, and coaches Ufa club chose absolutely the right tactics for the match in St. Petersburg.» from Zenit collected individually strong players, and trying to play outdoor soccer will End with the defeat, » said Veremko.- We chose absolutely the right game plan. Had chances to score in transition, but the overall result of the game.
Fiercely contested penalty during the tournament Veremko was Not to explain this episode.» Currently emotions have cooled, — said the Belarusian Goalkeeper.- need to watch the video and calmly figure out what it was».
Spring Veremko came to St. Petersburg from «Wings of the Soviets «and took part in the first match «Zenit» under the direction of andrГ© Villela-Boas.» I will not compare spring «Zenit» With the current caught the attention of the Goalkeeper «Ufa».- needless to say, Not the best option to play without the audience, but on the contrary defenders very well heard my commands.»

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