Agent: you can claim the head of FC sporting former leadership will not affect Marat Izmailov

Agent: you can claim the head of FC sporting former leadership will not affect Marat Izmailov
The agent of the Russian players in football Marat Izmailov Paulo Barbosa said That possible legal action President «sporting» on the question of the renewal of the contract with the Russian, who played for the Lisbon club from 2008 to 2013, will not affect the player. About it Barbosa told the journalist on the phone.
on Thursday, the Portuguese media said That the head of «sporting» Bruno de Carvalho wants to sue former President of the club, Luis Godinho of Lopes, on whose initiative in April 2011, was extended contract with Marat Izmailov. Carvalho believes That the economic situation of the club at that time were not given the opportunity to increase spending on contracts, contract Izmailov there were two, and, in the opinion of the current President, made no sense to renew it so early.
«First of all, as far as I know, on the court it until not going,» said Barbosa.- the head of» sporting «only told about the intention to submit documents to the Assembly of shareholders of the club. Not the fact That they will agree to arrange a trial. Secondly, Marat possible litigation, by itself, will not be affected. He has no relation to the President’s decisions: if the contract was extended, this means that the club was interested in this».
In the summer of 2014 Izmailov, whose rights belong to «Port», went to a one-year lease in Russian Krasnodar, which has played 5 matches in the national championship, 3 meetings in the League and scored 1 goal. According to Barbosa, the probability of moving Izmailov in the Russian Federation on a permanent basis exists: «Marat very pleased, speaking for the» Krasnodar». He likes the club, the team, all the rules. What’s next? We will see «»

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