Agent: midfielder miloЕЎ Krasic has no offers from Russian clubs

Agent: midfielder miloЕЎ Krasic has no offers from Russian clubs
Agent Serbian midfielder Turkish «Fenerbahce» miloЕЎ krasica Dejan Joksimovic has denied these about the fact that his client received an offer from one of the Russian football clubs. About this Joksimovic told the journalist on the phone.
first in the Serbian media were the words of krasica about what they are interested in a Russian club.
«To be honest, the first time I hear about the offer from Russia,» said Joksimovic.- Two Spanish club Elche and Villarreal «- and in truth interested in Milos, but appeals from Russia was not. Milos another Two years bound by the contract With Fenerbahce, and he has a very high salary, which was a major obstacle to any deal. The most probable variants of development of events I see rent With half pay his current club or breach of contract by mutual consent. In the Russian Federation Krasica to return, I think it is already too late, though not definitively exclude this option».
From 2004 to 2010 Krasic played for CSKA Moscow, which won the UEFA Cup twice won the championship of the Russian Federation, four — Cup.
for season 2013/14 Krasic leasehold played for the French «Bastia», spent 21 games and scored Two goals

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