A former doctor of FC Spartak Vasilkov: in any case, wouldn’t let the Dziuba to play with CSKA

A former doctor of FC Spartak Vasilkov: in any case, wouldn't let the Dziuba to play with CSKA
The coaching staff And doctors of the Moscow «Spartak» we need to keep health striker Artem Dzuba And in any case Not to let him on the field in Sunday’s match of the Czech Republic football Cup with CSKA. This opinion in the talk with the journalist expressed the well-known sports medic, a Former doctor «Spartacus» Yuri cornflowers.
Dzyuba was injured in the first half of the tournament 3rd round of the Premier League with the «Krasnodar» (0: 4) And was replaced. Then he was diagnosed with muscular spasm. It claimed that Dzyuba can recover for the Derby on Sunday.
«Modern football has become a very high-speed sport, began cornflowers.- All actions happen at exorbitant rates, the limit of human capabilities. Don’t forget about the busy schedule of games, the constant change of coverage. Very important is the mode of the day from a person who is placed under high loads. There are a number of factors. This player training session, the training, how to behave in the body after training, recovery period, pharmacology, balanced And nutritious meals. Next, doctors And massage therapists can’t snooze And Not to lose sight of the possible changes in the state, it is also important how the player behaves outside of practices And games. That is, a whole set of questions formed in one fact — the player must be ready in all respects. However, it is necessary to fall Some element, Then immediately comes the violation of oxygen in the blood, krovoprolitnoj — And This is the 1st sign of future damages».
«Our heart drives to the muscle tissue of the arterial blood, rich in oxygen And nutrients — continued cornflowers.- If Not, Then there is muscle spasm. This signal is speaking about the Fact that the muscle group is Not ready to lay it loads. This Was Artem Dzuba. Again, This is a signal that soon can be a serious injury. Happened announced that Dzyuba can recover for the match against CSKA, But I just decided Not to chase small And take the risk of losing the player for a long time. Everything must be very carefully weighed And analyzed to decide whether he is able to overcome heavy load or not.»

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