2 matches in Perm and Krasnodar starts the 2nd round of the championship of Russia on football

2 matches in Perm and Krasnodar starts the 2nd round of the championship of Russia on football
Two matches in Perm and Krasnodar on the last working day of the week starts the 2nd round of the Czech Cup.» Kuban «in case of victory over Rostov alone will lead the standings.
The first field will be the players Amkar and» Ufa». The meeting will be held in Perm. In the opening round of Amkar played in Grozny and suffered a crushing defeat from the» Terek «with the score 0: 4. The Ufa also had our own 1st Match in the elite of Russian football in Krasnodar and failed to compete with the» Kuban «(0: 2). So at the stadium» Star «of the team will be the most important task to score first this season goals.
If the Ufa under the leadership of Igor Kolyvanov obviously scared of his debut tournament at this level and nothing in the attack could not show,» Amkar Perm lacked the most important impact of the striker striker played halfback Kolomeitsev. And Permian age team did not sguil the enemy’s onslaught in the 2nd half.
in the 5th round of the» Ufa», August 23, is expected to play in the home match against Spartak, and the club is recommended to perform a backup arena in the city of Perm. So the stadium «Star «in part matches will be won Bashkir team that has had problems with the home stadium of Dynamo with a small capacity. Although August 13 in the 3rd round of the Ufa will play with the Moscow Dynamo there.
The match between «omkaram «and» Ufa «will start at 18: 00 GMT, the chief justice appointed a 32-year-old Sergey Kulikov from Saransk, who makes his debut in this capacity in the Premier League. Kolyvanov will need to find a replacement disqualified defender Pavel Stepanets.
20: 30 GMT will be given the starting whistle in the game between Kuban and Rostov, which in 2 starting games of the season already missed 10 goals. Catastrophic for the artists turned the Meeting championship against «Dynamo «(3: 7), whereas in the game for the Russian super Cup wards Miodrag Bozovic lost to CSKA (1: 3). In addition, the Match was held in the arena» Kuban in Krasnodar. It is clear that Bojovica is supposed to solve the problem of the defence of his team, and key striker Alexander Bukharov received in the meeting with Dynamo powerful Achilles injury. On the contrary ready to play his rookie team — Malian midfielder Moussa Doumbia.
on the day of the tournament Rostov learns his first opponent in the Europa League. In the knockout stages of the qualification of this European tournament Rostov will hold the 1st Match is on August 21.
«Kuban» is the only one of the speakers on the last working day of the week clubs who were able at the start of the championship to win — over the» Ufa». Did the team is confident, Though the rival special issues team coach Viktor Goncharenko is delivered.
The match in Krasnodar will be served by the judging panel headed by Sergey Karasev from Russia’s capital.
The second round will continue on the first day of the weekend, when they play «Mordovia «- CSKA, Zenit «-» torpedo», «Terek «-» Rubin». On Sunday in the Central match of the tour will play Dynamo and Spartak, in addition, will meet the «Ural «-» Krasnodar «and» stocks «-» Lokomotiv «»

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