1st Vice-President of the RFU Simonyan: FIFA and UEFA must stay out of politics

1st Vice-President of the RFU Simonyan: FIFA and UEFA must stay out of politics
First Vice-President of the Russian football Union (RFU) Nikita Simonyan said that the International football Federation ( FIFA) and the Union of European football associations (UEFA) must be outside the policy, as follows from the doctrines of these organizations. About this Simonyan told the journalist on the phone.
on September 18, Nyon, Switzerland will host the meeting of commissioners of FIFA, UEFA, the RFU and the football Federation of Ukraine (FFU), which will examine the issue of performance Simferopol club TJC Sevastopol SCCP and Yalta «Pearls» in Russian competitions. On Tuesday, the head of the FFU Anatoly Konkov said that she will get the reward of the RFU.
«This position FFU is not surprising,» said Simonyan.- It was assumed in the beginning. But more importantly, what position will be taken by FIFA and UEFA. Joseph Blatter yesterday said that football must be apolitical. I hope that international organizations will follow their doctrines and not succumb to pressure from the EU and other forces.
on 31 July the Bureau of the Executive Committee of the RFU approved the performance of the clubs from the Crimea and Sevastopol In the 2nd division championship, provided they complete the required certification procedures. August 8, Vice-President of the RFU Nikita Simonyan after an emergency meeting of the Bureau said that the clubs have been vetted.
at the end of summer UEFA said that will not recognize matches the Crimean teams under the auspices of the RAF

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